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Getting Error: "Unknown exception in Async API" while performing upsert operation in salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000176684
Description When Customer is performing an upsert operation using Bulk Api, he is getting an error as :
>> Stack trace ID
>> Unknown exception in Async API. 

What can be the reasons of getting this error to customer while performing upsert operation?
Error : Stack Trace Or Unknown exception in Async API .

When we will check in our internal server logs we will come across the below reason for such error messages.

"This error generally occurs when the connection is cancelled by server due to ConnectionPoolTime (ServerTooBusyException: Too many requests waiting for connections). "

This usually happens when the client application is trying to send the request and Salesforce is unable to process the request due to re-establishing the connection repeatedly as multiple processes are using the Db connection. 

If you are using Data Loader to perform upsert operation, then to overcome this error, just Disable Bulk Api in data loader and error will get resolve.

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