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Why can't I edit my own user Profile?

Knowledge Article Number 000176712
There may be times where in you need to edit your own User Profile and change it from System Administrator to Standard User. You will not be able to edit your own user Profile.
There is a work around that you may want to consider. If there are other System Administrators, you can ask them to change your User Profile for you by following the steps below:
1. Click on: Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Users.
2. Find the user you want to change to a different profile.
3. Click on the "Edit" link next to the user name.
4. In the right-hand column of the user information change the profile from whatever is currently set to the new profile you want to have.
5. Click "Save".

If there are no other System Administrator, System Administrator can login and temporarily change a Standard User to a System Administrator, then with the LOGIN AS ANY USER feature, system admin can login as the new admin and change his own profile by follow the steps described above."



Login as any user is available from Enterprise Edition and above

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