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Escalate a case to Technical Support Management

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Description At Salesforce, we take pride in our Customer satisfaction and Loyalty. If we're not meeting your expectations with ongoing case handling or case resolution, follow these steps to escalate a case.

To escalate a Marketing Cloud case, follow these steps.

1. Log in to Salesforce.
2. Click on the My Success Hub tile.
3. Navigate to the left-hand sidepanel and click Support Cases.


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4. Click the case number that you want to draw attention to.
5. Click Escalate.
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Alert Icon Keep in mind - The "Escalate" button appears after a certain number of hours have elapsed after case creation depending on your Success Plan.

Premier & Premier + Admin Success Plan

  • For Sev 1 cases - Appears after 1 hour of case creation
  • For Severity 2 case - Appears after 2 hours of case creation
  • For Severity 3 case - Appears after 4 hours of case creation
  • For Severity 4 case - Appears after 8 hours of case creation

Standard Success Plan 

  • Appears after 2 days of case creation
If the escalate button isn't available yet, you can add a comment to the case requesting the case to be expedited.


Escalate the case further or engage Technical Support Management directly

1. Per the above, ensure you have first escalated the case by navigating to the case in the Help & Training Portal and clicking the "Escalate" button.
 - Only continue with the below if you didn't receive sufficient help after escalating following the steps above.

2. Call us at the numbers  listed here and inform support that you would like a call back from the Support Manager

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