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Why the event I shared doesn't show in that user's calendar view

Knowledge Article Number 000176729
Description I shared some events with another user but those events are not showing in that user's calendar view. 
Resolution If that user's time zone is opposite of yours (For example, you're based in APAC and that user is in AMER time zone), then it's very likely your events are falling out of that user's daytime range, hence those events will not show in that user's calendar.

To resolve this, you can request that user to extend her/his daytime range to cover your local hours. 

To extend the daytime range,
  1. Go to Setup | Personal Setup | My Personal Information | Personal Information
  2. Click Edit button
  3. Change the Start of day time and End of day time fields to the times you want your day to start and end on your salesforce calendar 

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