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Inconsistent behavior of the “You have new updates” auto-message within Chatter

Knowledge Article Number 000176748

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Users are seeing inconsistent behavior with the "You have new updates" alert on the "What I Follow" Chatter page.  Some users see this alert almost immediately after seeing the respective email alert (example, when being @mentioned) while others users might see a delay of several or more minutes between the time they get the email alert and then see the "You have new updates" alert on the "What I Follow" page.


The "What I Follow" Chatter page queries the server every 30 second for the first 1 minute. After that, the poll interval increases if the page (user) is less active.  So different users will have different experiences (how much time passes before the "You have new updates" alert displays) based on the length of time opened and activity of the page.  Users who have the page open for a longer period of time with less frequent activity could have a longer wait before the update message is presented, while a user who opened the page moments ago would see an update much more quickly.

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