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Why are my reminders off by an hour after Daylight Savings Time?

Knowledge Article Number 000176761
Description Users that are using a timezone setting in salesforce that observes Daylight Savings Time (DST), but who have not properly configured their Windows machines to use DST, may find that their reminders are off by 1 hour in Salesforce after DST changes have gone into effect.
Resolution If you are using a Windows machine, and are also using a timezone setting in Salesforce that observes DST, then it is important to ensure that the Date/Time settings on the machine being used has been configured to automatically adjust to DST changes when they occur.

A detailed article from Microsoft, on how to adjust various operating systems to respect DST changes can be found here.

For most/various Windows operating systems, the basic steps below are likely to work:

1. Click (or right click) on the clock on the bottom right of the screen (or wherever is has been configured to display)
2. Select the "change date and time settings" option
3. Change the timezone to your appropriate timezone (if not done already)
4. Make sure the checkbox labeled (automatically adjust clock for Daylight Savings Time) is selected (users experiencing issues with their reminders in Salesforce will likely find that this checkbox is NOT selected).
5. Users that have manually adjusted their date/time for DST, may have to adjust their clock back an hour after selecting the DST checkbox.

Below is an image that shows what this screen and DST checkbox will look on Windows 7 machine for example:

User-added image

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