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Linking Salesforce to other systems using SOAP API

Knowledge Article Number 000176775
Description This article with help you to integrate/link Salesforce with any third party software/application for data exchange.
>>You can use SOAP API, Integrate salesforce with external system and update or insert data in salesforce. 
>>To integrate Salesforce with external system you need to consume the WSDL from salesforce in your external system. 
>>You can get the WSDL from Set Up | Develop | API 
>>You can choose any of the WSDL "Enterprise or Partner" and consume and generate stubs. 
>>You will get the code of all the calls which you can make from external system to Salesforce. 
>>You need to specify the Endpoint URL (The endpoint where you need to make the call) 
>>You need to create a webservice and specify the condition when the records would be updated in salesforce. 
For more information on SOAP API you can refer the following documents : 

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