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Custom Object Tab not visible for Users

Knowledge Article Number 000176786
Description You created a Custom Object and a tab for it, and the tab isn't visible for your Users (non Admin Users). First thing's first, check your User's permissions. 

User Permissions Needed:

  • To create or change Tab layouts: “Customize Application.”
  • To create or edit Users: "Manage Users."
Resolution All editions:
  • If the Custom Object is still in the status of "In Development" it will not be available. Follow the steps below to check the status of the object.
            1. Go to Setup | Create | Objects.
            2. Click on the name of the object.
            3. In the section "Custom Object Definition Detail" check the field "Deployment Status". The value should be Deployed​.

Professional, Enterprise and above Editions:

If you've checked User permissions and the tab is still hidden, check the following troubleshooting steps: 
  • The tab may be hidden for the Profile. Go to the User's profile and change it to "Default On."
  • Check if the Object permission checkboxes are checked for the profile (Read/Write/Delete/View All/Modify All). If they aren't checked, then check the boxes as per your business requirements.
Important: You will be unable to edit this permission for a Standard Profile. 
  • If the User has a Standard Profile, you need to create a Custom Profile and then give the "View" permission so that the Custom Object tab is accessible by the User. The Custom Object tabs are not visible for Standard Profiles, however. Alternatively, you could create a Permission Set that allows this access and assign the it to the individual users.
  • If the Custom Object is on the Detail side of a Master-Detail Relationship, then the Master Object is not visible to the user.

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