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AJAX API remoteFunction timeout parameter respected?

Knowledge Article Number 000176812
Description There is a method named remoteFunction in connection.js file which is used for AJAX calls.
Details could be found at:

What ever value is passed for the timeout parameter, the function has no effect.

Is the timeout parameter in remoteFunction configurable?
Resolution No, the remoteFunction's timeout parameter is not configurable.

When the conenction.js file is studied, we can see that the file does not have any handler for timeout argument.

The remoteFunction can be called as (bold text represent the parameters):
                   url : "",
                   onSuccess : function(response) {
                          alert("result" + response);

remoteFunction descritpion can be checked at:
As per instance: 

The remoteFunction do not have any parameter handler for timeout argument.

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