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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Widget Gallery

Knowledge Article Number 000176814
Description An overview of the Analysis Dashboard Widget Gallery that is used to quickly build pre-configured widget views. 
Resolution Widgets in the Analysis Dashboard are the users main way of understanding the impact of their keyword matched social results. In order to help with building these widgets, the Widget Gallery consists of 44 pre-configured widgets that can be built with a limited number of steps. You must have an active Topic Profile available in order to use the Widget Gallery and in many widget options you must have configured the group types "Brand", "Competitor" or "Industry" within your Keyword Groups of your Topic Profile. 


The Widget Gallery can be access from any dashboard within the Analysis Dashboard by clicking the "Running Man" icon in the middle of the top menu bar. 
Radian6 Analysis Dashboard Widget Gallery

On the Widget Gallery dialog box you will need to select the Topic Profile you wish to use and the time frame you wish to view the data for.
Widget Gallery Configuration


Once you have your Topic Profile selected you have a series of Categories of widgets to choose from. These Categories consist of: 

Basic Widgets

Widget Gallery Basic Widgets

Anything in the Basic Widgets category will serve as an overview breakdown of your total topic profile without keyword groups displayed. The benefits here are that you can easily create widgets that will help you monitor and analyze your topic. If you are new to the platform, working through a few of these widgets and seeing how they are built can help you to understand best practices for building your own.

Social Media Metrics & Analysis

Radian6 Analysis Dashboard Widget Gallery Social Media Metrics

These widgets will help you to breakdown the why behind your numbers. The best way to use these widgets is as the starting point for analysis. You can drill down off of the trend lines to understand the reasons for highs and lows. You could also look at the difference in keywords used between industry and brand volume by looking at conversation clouds.

Twitter Analysis

Radian6 Analysis Dashboard Widget Gallery Twitter Analysis

If Twitter is a main point of your social strategy, then building widgets using this category is a great way to get an initial outlook of your efforts. These widgets will look at very specific twitter only media type view showing you who are your top tweets, your twitter volume and different breakdowns of the volume like region and language. 

Brand Analysis

Radian6 Analysis Dashboard Widget Gallery Brand Analysis

If you have a Topic Profile created that monitors specifically your brand mentions then these widgets can be used to build out a brand monitoring dashboard. You can identify sentiment trends for you brand as well as look at the top negative and positive words around your brand name. 

Competitive & Industry Intelligence & Analysis

Radian6 Analysis Dashboard Widget Gallery Competitive & Industry

These widgets will help you to start analyzing where your brand sits compared to your Competitors and the Industry.

Workflow & Engagement

Radian6 Analysis Dashboard Widget Gallery Workflow & Engagement

If you are using Workflow functionality on your posts these widgets will show you the work you've completed. 

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