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Unable to find records in global search

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If you're having trouble locating records that other Users in your organization are able to find when they search, your problem could be caused by your Profile, Role, or your organization's Search settings. Here's how your Salesforce Administrator can troubleshoot:


Step 1: Review your Record access



Step 2: Review your organization's Global Search settings


Global Search keeps track of which objects you use and how often you use them. It also arranges the search results accordingly. Results for the object you use most frequently appear at the top of the list. Keeping this in mind, the following are possible:

  • The object the affected user is looking for is not an object they interact on a regular basis. This makes it a low-priority on search results, thus it might not show up on the top search results.
  • After performing a Global Search, click Search All to search across all items using your current search terms. If you find what you were looking for, you can simply hover over it and pin the object as a priority on your search results. Next time you search for this record, it will automatically show up on your search results.
  • Results ordering - Actual record result differences that are being seen between two users for a certain object may be due to the search engine sorting results most relevant to each user based on search term frequency, order, and uniqueness, record and user activity, and access permissions. See How Are Search Results Ordered? for more information.

Step 3: Check for Search Crowding

If the user has access to the record but it's still excluded from results, it may be due to Search Crowding. To confirm, attempt to locate it by using a more specific search term that's unique to the affected record to verify whether it's then returned in results as expected. See Guidelines for Reducing Search Crowding for more details.

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