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Opportunity Stage Types in Reporting

Knowledge Article Number 000176852
Description Opportunity Stage Types are an important part of Reporting on Opportunities. These Stage Types pull in to the Opportunity Status Filter on a Report. 


You have a Custom Opportunity Stage called "Closed - Out of Business". You have set the Type for this Stage as "Open". 
You have a Report where the Opportunity Status Filter is set to show "Open" Opportunities. 
Upon further inspection of the Report, you see that Opportunities with the Stage "Closed - Out of Business" are showing in the Report. You would prefer that these Opportunities not be referenced in this type of Report. 

Resolution In this instance, you can go to |Setup| |Customize| |Opportunities| |Fields| and click on the Stage Field in the Standard Fields section. 
Click Edit next to the "Closed - Out of Business" value. 
Change the Type from "Open" to "Closed/Lost" and click Save. 

If the "Closed - Out of Business" value is inactive, you may want to delete the value and replace it with an active value with the Type of "Closed/Lost". This will change historical Records so they pull into Reports properly. 

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