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Admin Request: Create New List View

Knowledge Article Number 000176864
Description Prerequisites in order to admin team create New List View.

In order for the Administration team to complete your request to create a new list view, we need some information from you to ensure your satisfaction:

1. What object/setup section do you want this list view created on?
2. What should the name of the list view be?
3. Should this list view filter on your records, or on all records of this object type?
4. Should this list view filter by additional fields? If so, please provide the name of each field, and the value to filter on (e.g. Display contact records where Last Name starts with "K")
5. Which fields should be displayed in the list view?
6. Should the list view be visible to All users, to certain groups of users or just to you? If it should be visible to certain groups of users only, please provide the name(s) of these public groups, roles, and roles and subordinates.

Once you've answered these questions update the case then we can process your request.

Heads up - All of our Admin Templates can be accessed on our Premier Success Plans Tool kit or you can directly access the Admin Case Templates.

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