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Mass Archiving Content

Knowledge Article Number 000176873
User Permissions Needed
To archive and restore any content in the library:Archive Content checked in your library permission definition
To archive and restore content that you published:Add Content checked in your library permission definition
To delete content:Delete Content checked in your library permission definition
User Permissions Needed For Reporting
To run reports:"Run Reports"
To create, edit, and delete reports:“Schedule Reports”
To export reports:"Export Reports"

Salesforce CRM Content offers two methods for removing content; archiving or deleting. Archiving a piece of content removes it from its library but does not permanently delete it from Salesforce CRM Content. Once archived, content cannot be downloaded and it does not appear in search results, but you can locate and restore it if necessary. Deleted content however, is sent to the recycle bin and then is permanently deleted once the recycle bin is emptied.
Resolution Step 1
In order to obtain the Document Ids, you will first have to run a Content Report in which you include the Document Ids.

Set the field filters in such a way that it returns the correct results. (See article link below)

Once you have created the report, click on Run Report.

Export the Report.

Save it in a CSV format.

Step 2
To update your existing Content you will have to use Data Loader. If you're an administrator with the "Modify All Data" permission navigate to Setup, enter Data Loader in the Quick Find box, then select Data Loader to display the download page.

To Update Content:

1. Open the Data loader

2. Select Update and login

Select the check box to show all objects

Select  Content (ContentDocuments)

Browse for your file and click next

Select Create or Edit a Map

Select Auto-Match Fields to Columns, insure your IsArchived field is set to "True"

Click OK or optionally save the mapping

Click Next and select a place to save your success and error logs.

Click Finish

Archived and deleted files are automatically removed from subscription lists. Subscribers are not notified when content is archived or deleted.

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