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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - How To Create An Engagement Report

Knowledge Article Number 000176949
Description Engagement Reports include details on all workflow changes to posts within a Topic Profile. Engagement Reports can keep you and other interested parties up to date on what actions are being taken on the posts captured by  your Topic Profile.

How To Set-up an Engagement Report

1. In the Dashboard Menu click on the Gray Cog in the Menu bar along the top of the Analysis Dashboard
2. Select Manage Reports 

Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Engagement Report

If you do not have any open widgets on your dashboard, you will receive the below error message:
Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Engagement Report

3. Select Engagement Report

Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Engagement Report

4. Give the report a Title.
5. Select a Topic Profile from the available options on the left.
6. Choose the Time Frame for which you would like the report to include (Real Time or Specify Date Range)
7. Choose the Format of the Engagement Report (HTML or PDF)
8. Select Continue

Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Engagement Report

9. Enter the Email Address(es) of the intended recipients
10. Using the Daily Scheduled Report radio buttons, select to enable or disable daily reporting.
11. Using the Time of Day drop down boxes, select a time for the report to be sent.
12. Click Finish

Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Engagement Report
Note: You can choose a daily scheduled report to be sent one or two times a day. If you have less frequent reporting needs, use the Email Report Now option to send this have the report emailed to you immediately

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