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Radian6- Analysis Dashboard- How to Add Proximity

Knowledge Article Number 000176950
Description The proximity filter can be used to narrow  or broaden your Topic Profile search results. This feature is an important tool for optimizing your Topic Profile to minimize off-topic posts. By using proximity, you limit your results based on how close two or more keywords are to each other within a post.

Adding Proximity

1. Log into the Analysis Dashboard.
2. Choose Configuration tab at the top.
3. Select Topic Profiles.
4. Choose your Topic Profile.
5. Pick the Keywords and Keyword Groups tab.
6. Press Add Keyword.

Proximity is only available in the CONTAINS field. The proximity slider will activate once you begin entering the second term.  Use the slider to determine how close the terms entered must be, in order to be captured by Radian6.  Select Done to save. Once set,  you will notice In your list of terms, the tilde sign (~) with the proximity you've applied.

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The default proximity setting is Exact or 0. This means the keywords entered form a phrase and must occur together in that exact sequence in a post.  For example, using the keywords "Proximity Filter", with no proximity applied, tells Radian6 that terms must appear exactly as entered in a post to be captured. This setting is the only instance in which the order of the keywords is of any importance.

For any number of proximity greater than 0, the order is irrelevant. The widest proximity setting available is 20, meaning that the words must appear in the post within twenty words of each other. For example, using "Proximity Filter ~20" means it could appear as "There is a filter within the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard that allows you to specify proximity." The order of the words does not matter and there can be 20 or less words in between the two specified in your keywords.

Selecting the No Proximity option indicates that the words must be contained within the same post, but need not be anywhere in relation to one another. There can be an unlimited number of words in between them and order does not matter.

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