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Radian6- Analysis Dashboard-How to Set-Up Sentiment Subjects

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Description Sentiment refers to the tone of conversation of a post. Adding sentiment subjects to your topic profile will allow you to analyze sentiment surrounding your brand. The below information provides details on how to set-up your sentiment subjects as well as a few best practice tips.
Radian6’s Automated Sentiment Analysis performs an examination of all sentences within a post and identifies phrases containing sentiment words like hate, love, sucks, and awesome. The system then attempts to determine the tone of the conversation for the Sentiment Subjects. It learns a statistical model from example data and gives a probability that the sentence is positive, negative, or neutral.

Detecting Sentiment:

Detecting sentiment can be subjective (especially in cases of irony/sarcasm), so if needed, sentiment can be manually overridden by clicking on the white hand in Workflow mode of a River of News widget or within the Engagement Console. The overridden sentiment will appear in blue in the Dashboard. 

Results of sentiment analysis are indicated by a range of thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons.


Sentiment Icons:

Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Sentiment Icons
  • Positive
  • Somewhat Positive
  • Neutral
  • Mixed
  • Somewhat Negative
  • Negative

Sentiment Subjects Best Practices:

  • Sentiment Subjects should be limited to one or two terms, do not give too many criteria for the algorithm to base its assessment on.
  • Include your brand as a Sentiment Subject and omit your competitors. Only enter your brand or variations of your brand.
  • Use proper names such as brand, product, person, event.
  • Do not use sentiment terminology such as love, hate, best, worst

Follow this path:

Configuration > Select Topic Profile > Sentiment Subjects Tab
Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Sentiment Subjects

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