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Why Are Date Values Not Showing Up on Records Created with Web to Lead?

Knowledge Article Number 000176980
Description If a web-to-lead form contains a custom or standard Date field, administrators and users may notice that sometimes, date values are not successfully carried over from the form to the created record.  For example, a company is attempting to capture the Date of Birth of a Lead.  The Lead enters the Date of Birth on a web-to-lead form, but the Date of Birth field on the created Lead is blank.    
Resolution The reason this occurs is due to the Default Locale of the org.  If the Date value entered is not formatted to meet the Locale's requirements, then the Date value is not entered on the Lead.  

For example, an org with a Locale of "English (Canada)" expects the Date to be formatted in DD/MM/YYYY.  If a web-to-lead form is created and a date value is entered as "01/23/1999", the Date value is not accepted because there is no such date.  

The best way to resolve this issue is to add formatting on web-to-lead form to ensure that date values are formatted to the appropriate Locale setting.  Another method would be to change the org's Default Locale so that a more common date format is accepted.  

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