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"One of your feeds has exceeded the Rate Limit issued by Twitter" in the Engagement Console

Knowledge Article Number 000176981
Refresh Rates control the frequency of new content into the Stacks. Twitter Stacks have limitations to some of these Rates. If you reach your limit, the message "One of your feeds has exceeded its Rate Limit issued by Twitter. Please refresh again shortly" appears in your Twitter Stack.

Rate limits

When using the Radian6 Engagement Console, you may get a message which indicates that you have exceeded the Rate Limit. Rate limits are restrictions implemented by Twitter on the amount of calls made through the Twitter API per allotted time frame. Rate Limit calls affect refreshing Direct Messages sent and received, following/unfollowing users, retweets, mentions, searches, and other items.  See the most up-to-date limit information on the Twitter Developer Site including a breakdown of reach rate by action.

Note: The message only applies to Twitter (Personal) Stacks as they access through Twitter's API. Social (Managed) Account Stack content is accessed using the Firehose and not API 1.1 so you will not see this error.

Manage the rate limits

To help manage Rate Limits and prevent errors, you can adjust the Refresh Rates on the back of the Stacks to a minimum refresh rate of one minute or more.  As a best practice, request only what you need and only when you need it. If you do not require new content to be pulled in every minute for example, then set the refresh rate to a higher limit.

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