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Radian6 Engagement Console Workflow

Knowledge Article Number 000180764
The Workflow functionality within the Radian6 platform allows you to track User defined levels within a number of available options. You can access these options within both the Workflow Palette within the Radian6 Engagement Console and the River of News widget within the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard. 

The options available within workflow are: 
  • Source Tags
  • Classification Level
  • Post Tags
  • Priority
  • Sentiment
  • Engagement Level
  • Assign to 
  • Note

These workflow functions may be used independent of each other or together to form an overall analysis and engagement strategy. Read below for a detailed description of each option. 
Source Tags

Source Tags help to answer the question "Who is posting?". It is a User-defined author level tag that attaches to the source of a social post. Once a Source Tag is applied, all posts past and future from that author that are available within your Radian6 platform will carry that Source Tag. The main function of the Source Tags function is to aid in tracking your audience segments.

Please note that source tags applied to posts made on a Facebook Page that's registered as a Facebook Managed Account will tag all posts made on the page with the same Source Tag. If you tag a User who makes a post on your Facebook Page, any future posts anyone makes on the page will have the same Source Tag.

Examples of Source Tags include: Employee, Client, Partner, Customer, Advocate, Detractor, Influencer


Classification Level

Classification Level is used to answer the question "Why are they posting?". This drop down field can be customized by our Customer Support team to your specific account needs in order to provide the high level areas that your social keyword matched content may fit within. Default fields available in this section include: Product Review, Product/Service Compliment, Product/Service Complaint, Company/Stakeholder Mention.

Post Tags

Post Tags are used to answer the question "What is the topic of this one post?". Where Classification Level helps to bucket your social posts into common themes, Post Tags help to provide further context to what the individual post is about.

  • They may be used independently for tracking posts you may wish to review at a later date such as a post tag like "Bookmark" or "Review."
  • They may be used in relation to your Classification Level to further define the conversation. For example, a post is classified as "Product Review" and the post tag of "Engagement Console" is used to define what specific product the review was about.
  • Post Tags exist in the system as long as there is at least one (1) version of the post tag on an active post.   


Sentiment helps to answer the question "What is the tone of the post?". This Workflow option can be automated by configuring your Sentiment Subjects within your Topic Profile or manually configured by the User. Sentiment is a Topic Profile specific field, meaning that if a social post appears in multiple Topic Profiles, it may have a different define Sentiment value for each depending on the Topic Profile Sentiment Subjects or how it has been configured by the User. 

The Sentiment levels available are: 

  • Positive
  • Somewhat Positive
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Negative
  • Negative



The Priority level helps to answer the question, "Should this be escalated right away?". It's main function is to indicate the level of importance a particular post has. 

The Priority Levels are:

  • Low (Green Flag)
  • Medium (Orange Flag)
  • High (Red Flag)


The Note field helps to answer the question, "Are there further details?". This text field can be used as an internal communication tool for sharing information about a particular post or for recording important information about a post for future consideration. This field is also where all responses sent from a social account directly from a Radian6 Topic Profile stack are saved for future reference. 


Assign To

The Assign To field helps to answer the question "Who is best suited to review or respond to this post?". This field is made up of a list of all Users available within the User's Radian6 account. Any Users whose names appear in orange within the Assign to drop down or window, indicates that User is currently online within the Radian6 Engagement Console. 

Once a post is assigned to a Radian6 User, an email post assignment notification is sent to the User's registered email account. 


Engagement Level

The Engagement Level field helps to answer the question, "What is the status of the post?". This customizable drop down field is used to indicate whether a post has been reviewed and/or commented on. The field can be used to help track posts that remain open and still need review and also can be used to report on overall Engagement Response Rate through the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard Engagement Report. 


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