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Radian6 - Engagement Console - Workspaces and Permissions

Knowledge Article Number 000180771
Description As a Super User, How can I manage my team in the Engagement Console?
Resolution In order to ensure the Radian6 Engagement Console can be used effectively in a team setting that may require different views and levels of access, the Workspace and Permissions functionality has be been made available to Super Users. 


Both the Workspace and Permissions functionality is only available to Super Users. To access these functions, navigate to the "File" (PC) or "Radian6 Engagement Console" (Mac) menu and select "Manage Team".  On this menu view you will have two options, Workspace and Permissions.

Radian6 - Engagement Console - Manage Team


A Workspace is a specified saved layout of Stacks that can be defined by a Super User and assigned to different Team Members within the account. Once a Team Member is assigned to a Workspace, upon their next login to the Engagement Console they will find the pre-defined Workspace (Stack layout) available to them for use. When the Team Member logs out and back in to the Engagement Console, the Stack layout will revert to the layout as it is defined in the Workspace. Any changes made to the Workspace by the user will not be saved as it will load the default Workspace settings as defined by the Super User. 



Permissions allow a Super User to limit the functionality for the Team Members. Within Permissions, the Super User may choose to allow/disallow or show/hide the following options: 
  • Account Add/Remove
  • Stack Add/Remove
  • Stack Modifications
  • Posts
  • Show Workflow
  • Show Macros
  • Macro Create
  • Macro Edit
  • Macro Delete
  • Show Shared Macros
  • Show Extensions Installation
  • Show Media Actions
  • Show Launch Dashboard
  • Show Launch Summary Dashboard
  • Show Extensions
  • Show Gallery

Using Workspaces & Permissions 

It is important to note that Workspaces and Permissions can work independent of each other and both require the Super User to assign Team Members to them before they will impact the Team Members Stack layout or access.

More information about configuring Workspaces & Permissions can be found in the Engagement Console User Guide located on the Engagement Console Quick Start Page.

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