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What contacts are available on the Additional To field?

Knowledge Article Number 000180786
Description When I send an email from the contact activity history, there's an "additional to" lookup field. Why do I only see a limited group of contacts?
Resolution The Additional To lookup field only display users and contacts under the primary contact's account, as long as they have an email address.

For example, let's say we have the following scenario.

Account Name: Grand Hotels & Resorts
Contacts under this account: John Bond(Has a Stored email address), Syed Barr(Has a stored email address), Lynda Murillo (No email associated to this contact)

If you go to John Bond's activity history and click the Send an Email button, you can select either contacts associated with this account or co-workers in the company when you look up the Additional To field.

 - John Bond and Syed Barr when you select Show : Contacts : Account Grand Hotels & Resorts.
 - All co-workers in company. 

You will notice that Lynda Murillo's contact doesn't show up since she doesn't have an email address, other contacts associated to different accounts are also excluded. 

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