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Send, schedule, and seed posts in ConversationBuddy

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Send now, schedule, and seed are options available to you when you send a post from ConversationBuddy that determine when a post is made and who sends it.

Send Now

Choose "Send Now" when composing a post to publish a post immediately.
  • If you have permission to compose a post but do not have permission to publish a post, click Submit to send the post to be an approved by a user with publishing permission. The post will not be published until it is approved.
  • If you have permission to publish a post, click Publish to send the post. 
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Choose "Schedule" when you compose a post to specify the date and time in the future when the post will be published. 
Note: The time the post is published is based on the time zone selected in your account settings.

View scheduled posts that are not yet published

1. Click the Outbox icon.
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2. Click Scheduled on the left sidebar.
3. Select a date on the calender to view posts scheduled to be published on that date.


Compose a post and choose "Seed" to suggest content  to other Facebook, Google+, and Twitter profile owners. The profile owners can approve the content before it is published to the selected profiles. 
You have the following publishing options when you select Seed:
  • Lock Message Content and Targeting: Use this option to prevent users for editing the message content. It also prevents other users from adding and removing walls, countries, or languages. 
  • Choose a Day: Use the option to specify when the message can be published.
    • Set a Specific Date: Choose a date and time when the post can be published. If the post is approved, it will publish at the time specified.
    • Set Window: Choose this option to specify between which dates and times the post can be published. When the profile owner approves the post, they can select a date and time within the parameters of the window of time to publish the post.  In the "Earliest Publish Date" section, select the earliest date and time the post can be published. In the "Latest Publish Date" section, select the latest date and time the post can be published.
    • Autopublish: Choose this option to have the post published as soon as it is approved.
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View seeded posts

1. Click the Outbox icon.
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2. Click Seeded on the left sidebar.
3. Select a date on the calendar to view seeded posts that can be posted on that date. 

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