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Opportunity Splits - Known limitations

Knowledge Article Number 000180833
Description This outlines some aspects of the opportunity splits feature that are expected:
  • The Split Amount is a derived field (we don’t store this in database)
  • If the org has field-level security enabled for Opportunity Amount, the user with no access to see Opportunity. Amount will be able to view the Splits Related List but will not be able to multi-edit or see the Split amount
  • The Split Amount Field, on the splits multi-edit UI, though editable will round to the nearest 0.01 precision of Split %.  Since it’s a dependent field on the Split % and the precision on Split % is up to 2 decimals
  • Since the precision on the Split % is up to 2 decimals, the splits multi-edit UI cannot split below 0.01 cent.
  • The Splits Multi-Edit UI can handle up to 9 digits of Splits Amount, beyond that it will start wrapping
  • Split Amount field can't be summarized using Split Opportunities with Products standard report type

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