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Manage ConversationBuddy notifications

Knowledge Article Number 000181119
ConversationBuddy in-suite and email notifications alert you when there are messages that require your action or review.

You can opt to have ConversationBuddy notifications turned on or off for:

  • New messages submitted for your approval
  • New seeded messages
  • New messages flagged for your review


Notification methods

You can receive notifications in two ways:
  • In-suite notification
The in-suite notification icon is represented by a bell and is located by your name in the top right corner. The number of new notifications is shown. The number will disappear once you click on the icon. 
  • Email notification



Turn notifications on or off

1. Log in to your Buddy Media channel.
2. Click [Your Name] | My Account.
3. Click Notifications | Settings.
4. Under "ConversationBuddy", turn notifications on or off for each notification type by selecting or clearing the corresponding checkbox. 
User-added image   The bell icon represents in-suite notifications.
User-added image The envelope icon represents the notifications received by email. 
5. Your notification setting changes are automatically saved. 

Note: Email notifications are sent to the email address associated with your user account. The email address is listed at the top of the "Notification Setting" page. 

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