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Notification upon new Event Creation

Knowledge Article Number 000181120
Description When creating a new event under Accounts, the Invitee's list must consist of two or more people in order for an email to be properly sent out regarding the creation of the new event.
Invite Others section at the bottom must contain two or more people.
Scenario 1:
If you want to assign a new event to yourself, you will not recieve an email notification upon creation.
However if you assign the event to yourself and then add an additonal person to the invitees list. Both parties will receive an email notification about the event creation.
Scenario 2:
If logged in as another user and you assign a new event to just yourself. For example, Admin user Bob assigned a new event to Angela(me)
An email will not get sent out.  However you use the same scenario and then Bob adds himself as an invitee and saves the new event, both parties will receive an email regarding the event creation.

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