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Radian6 - Summary Dashboard - Best Practices for Contacting Customer Support

Knowledge Article Number 000181144
Description Before submitting a case to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Support, refer to the below templates to ensure all required details are included. If excluded, Support will reach out to ask for this information and it will save valuable time and will help resolve the issue faster.


Resolution You can reach Support by:
Phone (critical issues):
North America 1.888.672.3426 United Kingdom 080.8234.6730  AU 1.800.894866

Include the following with all cases submitted to Support:

1. Username and Account name
2. Topic Profile Name (Visible in the top left of the Summary Dashboard)
3. Screenshot(s)
4. Which time frame you are using (Available in the top left of the Summary Dashboard, i.e. Today, 7 days, 14 days, etc.)

User-added image

5. Which Browser are you using and which version of Adobe do you have? You can check here.
6. Do you have any insights activated on your Topic Profile in the Analysis Dashboard? If so, when did you activate them?
7. Step by step details on what you are trying to do within the Summary Dashboard.
8. Complete description of what is actually happening.
9. Have you tried any troubleshooting (i.e. different browser, clearing your cache)?

If you are having issues with your Info cubes not populating, please refer to this article which provides four reasons as to why they may not populate.

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