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Customize and export a report from the Radian6 Summary Dashboard

Knowledge Article Number 000181151
You can create a PDF report of the data within the Summary Dashboard. You can also customize which info cubes you wish to include or exclude.

Customize the report

If you would like to customize the report and choose which info cubes to include or exclude, you can do so through the tab configuration. This is optimal if you have info cubes that are not relevant to the type of report you wish to configure.

1. Click the cog at the top right of the Summary Dashboard.
2. Click Tab Configuration.
Summary Dashboard Tab Configuration

3. Click on the info cube(s) you would like to hide.
Once clicked, you will notice they grey out (all hidden info cubes will be greyed out). Click the cube to show it again.
4. Click Save Configuration once you have finished hiding or showing the preferred info cube(s).
5. The main Summary Dashboard screen will refresh and populate with only the info cubes you have selected to appear.

Download the report 

1. Click the cog at the top right of your Summary Dashboard
2. Click the printer icon to begin the download.

Summary Dashboard - Download as PDF

 3. Open the PDF report.
It may open automatically depending on your browser and your settings.

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