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Radian6 Summary Dashboard tips and best practices

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Description Here's how to get the most out of the Radian6 Summary Dashboard and optimize the performance of your visual reports on demographics, volume trends, sentiment, trending topics, and influencers:

Give profile and insight changes at least 1 hour to be applied to your data

Since the Summary Dashboard retrieves its information from your Topic Profile in the Analysis Dashboard, any change you make to your profile affects the data that populates in the cubes in the Summary Dashboard. Give the Summary Dashboard time when you initially create your profile and whenever you make changes or activate insights. 

This reporting tool does not just populate data, it populates trends, insights, sentiment and analytics, and each of these must applied to historical data to capture trends. Since that cache is updated once per hour, it can take approximately one hour for changes to appear in your cubes.

Note: This process can take longer when you initially create your profile or for certain cubes when changes are made. For example, Influencers and Topic Trends can take longer because these apply the trends to a larger volume of historical data than the other cubes. 

Keep your active Topic Profiles open in the tabs

The Summary Dashboard loads its data from your Topic Profile built in the Analysis Dashboard. You choose which profile you would like to view in the top left of the Summary Dashboard and you can keep more than one profile open at a time using various tabs at the top. Keeping your Topic Profiles that you use regularly open in these tabs allows for faster loading times! They will open automatically in your next Summary Dashboard session. 

Why does this help? - Data is regularly gathered for all open tabs, so they will load much faster when they remain open for you and this content will also refresh for any users in your company who also have the same tabs open for the same Topic Profile(s) and are viewing them in the same date range.

Find definitions of the data in each cube

Mouse over the question mark icon on each Info Cube to get a more thorough understanding of the data that is populating within each cube. 

Activate insights to populate more cubes (or hide cubes that don't populate) 

Activate Radian6 Basic Demographics to populate the cubes. For activation instructions, see our "Activate and access the Basic Demographics" help documentation

Hide cubes that don't populate

1. Click the Settings icon (top left)
2. Select Tab Configuration
3. Click which cubes you don't want to populate
4. Click Save Changes

Always use the most recent version of Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader

The Summary Dashboard uses Flash to populate the cubes and the Reader is used to generate the PDF reports, so make sure to keep them up-to-date.

Check the official websites to make sure you're using the most updated version:

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