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How does the asset field on cases work?

Knowledge Article Number 000181186
How does the Asset field on Cases work?
When creating a Case, the Asset lookup field only shows Assets associated with the Account/Contact that has been selected on the Account/Contact lookup field.

The behaviour of the Asset field can also be modified if you have enabled Entitlement Management. When enabled, you can select the following standard filters that will apply to the Asset lookup field on cases.

Display Assets that are on :
  • Same Account on the Case
  • Same Contact on the Case
  • Entitlements on the Case's Account
  • Entitlements on the Case's Contact

Choosing multiple items acts as an AND function. For example, choosing Same account on the case and Same contact on the case restricts items returned in the Asset field to assets registered to the account and contact on the case. 

Currently lookup filtering, as mentioned above, is not supported in Lightning Experience:
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