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Insufficient Privileges when transferring a Case record due to no permissions on the notification template

Knowledge Article Number 000181190
When transferring ownership of a Case, certain users might receive an "Insufficient Privileges" error message.
This could be happening because the user is selecting the "Send notification email" checkbox on the transfer case screen. If this checkbox is selected, an email template is sent to the new owner.

If the user changing ownership of the record doesn't have access to this email template, they will get an error message.

The template that is sent upon case transfer can be found under Setup/Customize/Cases/Support Settings/Case Assigned Template.

To fix this issue:
  1. Locate the email template under Support Settings and click on it.
  2. Click on the Folder field, this will take you to the folder the template is stored in.
  3. Click Edit next to the folder name
  4. Under the sharing settings for the folder, make sure the affected users are included so that they can access the templates stored in the folder.

Note: User with the "Customize Application" permission on their profile can access all email templates regardless of the sharing settings on the templates folder.

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