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User has to reset their password at every login

Knowledge Article Number 000181197

User tries logging into Salesforce with current username and password, but receives the error, "You have attempted to access a page that requires a login. If you are already a user of the system please login below."
User resets password and is able to login, however, the next time they logout and try to log back in, they are unable to use the same password. It shows as "successful" in the login history for the User.
This issue is generally resolved with some basic browser modifications, including clearing cache and adding Trusted Sites. Review the steps for each Web browser below. 

Internet Explorer

      1. Click on Tools | Internet Options | Security Tab. 
2. Click on the "Trusted Sites" Icon.
      3. Click on "Sites" and add the following URL's (including the *):
  • https://* 
  • https://* 
  • https://* 
  • https://* 
      4. Restart your browser and attempt to login to Salesforce. 
Good to know: If you're using a custom bookmarked URL to log in (i.e a URL that contains the username and password in it), please be aware that this is not supported/recommended. If you want to have a bookmark to the native Salesforce login page, it should point to for Production and for Sandboxes.

Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Apple Safari

First, clear your Cache and Cookies. If that doesn't work please uninstall and reinstall your browser to resolve the issue. All of browser troubleshooting steps you'll need are covered in our PC  and Mac browser troubleshooting articles. 

Tip: See our supported browsers and versions list. 

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