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Retrieve User Access on records

Knowledge Article Number 000181207
Description Customer was trying to get SOQL query to fetch the details of how much access a user and a public group would have on Account.
UserRecordAccess is related to Object Records and Users. You can Use that table as a wrapper of Records-Sharing-Groups. That is the only way to filter data for an specific user.
The code will  be :
List <Account> a = new List <Account>(); 
List <User> u = new List <User>(); 
List <ID> sRecordIDs = new List <ID>(); 
a = [select id from Account]; system.debug('>>>'+a.size()); 
u = [select id from User]; 
for(Account c : a) 
{ UserRecordAccess i =null; i = [SELECT RecordID FROM UserRecordAccess WHERE UserId = '00590000001OZ5bAAG' AND RecordID=: AND HasReadAccess = True]; 
system.debug('>>>'+ sRecordIDs.size()); 
system.debug('>>>'+ sRecordIDs); 
Below are the few links to get more data from the "UserRecordAccess" table : 

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