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Approvals via the wireless device email response are not working

Knowledge Article Number 000181215
Description It is possible to approve requests simply via the wireless device by responding to the approval email request with "yes", "no", "approve",  "approved", "reject" or "rejected". However, depending on the security settings within the org, the user/s may have their external wireless device/s blocked from responding to approvals.
Resolution To confirm this, the admin should check the Security Settings in Step 5 using the Standard Setup Wizard when creating a new Approval Process. Alternatively you can follow this click path to check this setting in an existing Approval Process:

1. Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Approval Processes
2. Open the Approval Process you want to check
3. Click on Edit | Approval Page Layout
4. The Security Settings section is at the bottom of the page

The choices are set to:

"Allow approvers to access the approval page only from within the application. (Recommended)"


If you would like them to be able to approve via Phone, the following setting needs to be selected:

"Allow approvers to access the approval page from within the application, or externally from a wireless-enabled mobile device."

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