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REST API errors during release time

Knowledge Article Number 000181273
Description With every new Salesforce release (3 per year), there comes a new version of the API. Certain elements of our APIs change with each release, including the available version found in the /services/data/ end point. Our releases are sometimes staggered across different instances at different times. At the time of this article's writing, we're currently entering into the Summer '13 release phase. While this release is currently deployed to certain servers, it's not deployed to all of them. The deployed release schedule can be found for each release by finding the associated release page, which will show which servers contain which version. 

An issue here can arise when authenticating against a server that your instance isn't on. For example, if na1 has Summer '13 and your release is still on Spring '13 on another pod and you login with na1 (relying on a redirect to your correct org & pod), you may potentially access elements of the REST API that aren't available in your org. This can have sporadic behavior (including many errors) for your REST API. 
Resolution When authenticating (either via the API or via login), you'll always want to make sure you authenticate against your organization's exact server. So, for example, if your org is on na5 (e.g.,[recordId]), be sure to login through when using the API. Accessing any other server can result in accessing elements of the API that aren't yet available for your server around release time. This will typically only occur around release time, as the servers maintain consistent versions throughout the rest of the year. 

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