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Is it possible to reset an org to default?

Knowledge Article Number 000181302
Description There may be circumstances where it's necessary to reset a Salesforce org to default.  Support does not have the ability to reset an org to its default state but it is possible for administrators to clear or wipe out everything to start fresh like a new org.
Resolution Below are steps with links to resources to clean or reset your org to a default state:

1. Be sure to back up all your data using the Data Loader or Data Export Service before beginning. See the article How to backup and restore your Salesforce data? for more details.

2. If your org is in Trial status see Deleting Trial Data.
Note: This tool is only available for orgs in trial status and can't be enabled by Support.

If your org is in Active status there are several options available to remove existing data.  See the article How can I delete multiple records (mass delete) at one time for options to delete records using native functionality and other available Partner solutions.

3. API enabled orgs (Enterprise Edition and above by default) you may use Data Loader to mass delete data contained in standard or custom objects.  Refer to Inserting, Updating, or Deleting Data Using Data Loader for more details.

For data contained in custom objects you may be able to leverage the truncate custom object feature to drop entire tables of data contained in custom objects. Review Truncating Custom Objects Overview to see if your custom objects may be eligible.

4. To remove customizations or metadata administrators will need to manually remove custom apps, objects, tabs, fields, buttons, page layoutsvalidation rules, workflows etc.  You may also need to consider uninstalling packages or third party applications.  Unfortunately, there is not a way to automatically clear or remove customizations and this is manual process in which each object and setup section must be individually reviewed and cleaned up.

If your organization has a large number of customizations and data and the above options are not scalable you may want to consider signing up for a new trial org. If you desire an entirely new default active org then please engage your Account Executive who can work with Support to complete your request.

If you're enabled for checkout you can locate your Account Executive's contact details in the Checkout Summary page which is available while logged into Salesforce by clicking here or alternatively you can dial 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE. 

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