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Why does my Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel not auto search my own record while it auto searches all other contacts?

Knowledge Article Number 000181306
Description When selecting emails in Outlook the Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel automatically searches for Contacts and Leads that have the email address in the To, From or CC fields of the selected email. However you may notice that the search doesn't find the Contact record of the person that has Salesforce for Outlook installed (yourself as the user).

It will also query all custom and additional Email fields that you have created in Salesforce and will display those records. For instance, you may have a contact in Salesforce called John Doe with the Email: that has 2 or 3 additional email fields such as Contact owner:, manager email field: "" and so on. Now if you select an email in your Outlook that contains the or email, Side Panel will display the John Doe contact record as well as other records containing that email.

Resolution This is the default behaviour as the User is not searched for in Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel. If you want to add emails to your own Contact record this can be done by using the Search feature to find the record.

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