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Why does my activity report not pull the records I expect?

Knowledge Article Number 000181338
Description I created an activity report and some of the records are not appearing as expected. I have access to this activity.
Resolution When creating an activity report, please:
1) pay attention to the role hierarchy.

In order to retrieve in the report an activity (that you have access to) assigned to an user above you in the role Hierarchy, you need to adjust the role hierarchy level clicking on the name of the role on the top of your report, as the example below:

hierarchy activity report

2) check if the activity that you want to display is archived.
Please review the article "About Archived Activities" for further information.

Increasing Archive Days for your Organization

3) make sure that you used the proper filters (i.e.: all activities instead of My activities)

4) if the Contact is private, the related activities will show up only for the contact owner.

5) Please review the article regarding the Best practices around role hierarchy in relation to activity and opportunity reports



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