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Record Type field not visible for portal users when running a report

Knowledge Article Number 000181348

When running a report as a portal user, you will not see the Record Type field. The field also has no effect on Filters nor can it be added as a column. 
To be able to get portal users to run the report with Record Type field used as a filter criteria you need to:
1. Create a custom text field -  this is to capture the value of the Record type field of a record
2. Workflow Field Update - To populate the custom text field once a record is edited and or created.
Note: Since workflow will only fire everytime a record is edited or created, you will have to do a mass update for all the old records. 
To create the workflow:
1. Click on Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules.
2. Click on New rule.
3. Select the object which this workflow rule applies. Click Next.
4. Enter Rule Name.
5. Choose Evaluation Criteria. This will be created, and everytime it's edited.
6. Enter Rule Criteria: Project Site: SFDC Record Type(this is the custom text field created) EQUALS null
7. Click Save&Next button
8. Add Workflow Action: New Field Update
a. Enter Name
b. Enter Unique Name
c. Enter Description
d. Select field to Update(this is the custom text field created)
9. Under Specify New Field Value, Use a formula to set the new value.
10. Enter RecordType.Name.
11. Click Save.
12. Click Done
13. Click Activate button.
Once a record is edited or created, the workflow will fire.
Now you can create or edit the filter criteria of the report to use this custom text field that has the value of the record type. 
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