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Buddy Media - ConversationBuddy - Viewing Posts

Knowledge Article Number 000181353
Description ConversationBuddy enables you to view posts coming into and being sent from your social media profiles. ConversationBuddy displays posts in columns, which you can customize.
Before you can view posts in ConversationBuddy, the social media profiles must have been added to one of your Buddy Media Clients and authorized.

As a new user, follow these steps to view posts in ConversationBuddy:

1. Navigate to your unique URL for Buddy Media and enter your username and password combination.
2. Click Login.
3. On the top navigation bar, click ConversationBuddy.

Note: The Home view is the default landing page when you navigate to ConversationBuddy, represented by the house
icon. As a new user, you will see two tabs: a Welcome tab and My Tab.

4. Click My Tab.

Three columns display. They are:
  • Posts from Others: This contains posts from your social media profiles made by others.
  • Posts from Brand: This contains posts sent by your social media profiles.
  • Flagged: This contains flagged posts from your social media profiles.
To customize your view of posts, you can:
  • Customize columns to display posts for specific social media profiles, posts from internal or external sources, or posts that contain specific elements, such as events or links.
  • Specify date ranges for posts to display.
  • Add an unlimited number of columns.
  • Add up to five tabs.

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