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Why does the Collapsible Sidebar appear for some users and not for others on the Search results page

Knowledge Article Number 000181374
Description The Collapsible Sidebar option usually appears on the page as a grey box with an arrow it, like this:

User-added image

For some users after using the Global Search the page will look like this:

User-added image

But for other users it will not appear and will look like this:

User-added image
Resolution The sidebar will only appear on the Search results page if the user has a Call Centre assigned to them. This is working as designed. 
The standard functionality is for the sidebar to only appear for people who have a CTI as they will need the sidebar and telephony functionality on the search page. 
So you will need to assign a Call Centre to those users that wish to have the sidebar appear on the search results page. 

1. Go to the user's detail page
2. Click Edit 
3. Enter your CTI information in the Call Centre field 
4. Click Save 
Then try searching and the sidebar will stay visible for them.

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