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Add a social account in Buddy Media

Knowledge Article Number 000181382
Follow the steps below to add and authorize  Social Accounts (Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to use in Buddy Media. Please note that the addition and authorization of social accounts is performed by the account holder or an admin for the Social Account.
1. In your Buddy Media channel, click [Your Name] | Social Accounts.
2. Click Add Social Account.
3. Select the client you will add the Social Account to from the Select Client drop down menu.
4. Select the social network that you are adding an account for (Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn).
Ensure that you are logged in to the Social Account  you are adding in your browser.
5. Enter the page URL for Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn pages or click authorize for YouTube and Twitter to be redirected to their sites to verify your access.
6. Follow the prompts to complete the addition and authorization of your social account. 
Be sure to grant Buddy Media access to your accounts during the process if requested.  

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