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Trialforce Template Update during Salesforce Major Release

Knowledge Article Number 000181400
Description During the week of each major release(Winter, Spring, Summer), we cannot update formname with new template ids.

Please review below email communication for more details.
Resolution Important News Regarding Trial Signup Process during Upgrade to Winter/Spring/Summer ' xx Release

Dear Partner,
You are receiving this email because you have been identified as the primary contact for your company's participation in’s Trialforce program. As you may know, the Winter/Spring/Summer 'xx release is scheduled to be deployed starting on [starting time] and continuing through [ending date]. Please read the upgrade information below (including the questions), to understand how Trialforce templates may be impacted during the upgrade window.

The following instances will be upgraded to Winter/Spring/Summer ’xx on the weekends specified:

• First weekend (Date): 
• Second weekend (Date): 

During the period of time between the first and second upgrade weekends, some orgs  will be on the new release, while orgs on the other instances will still be on the previous release.

Q: I am using Trialforce today. How does this affect my Trialforce & Signup Process?
You will still be able to create new trials from your existing templates and/or AppExchange listing. There will be no impact to your existing templates.
• All templates created prior to the upgrade on the first weekend, will NOT be impacted.
• Regardless of which instance your Trialforce Source Org lives on, you will be able to create new trials from existing templates into any instance.

Note: you will NOT be able to create & use new templates during the week of above mentioned release window.
• You cannot use snapshots created during the first weekend upgrade until AFTER the second weekend upgrade is completed.

Q: What if I need to create and use a new template between the 1st and 2nd weekends?
If you are planning to create a new template of your Source Org, you should create your new template prior to the first weekend or wait until after the new release upgrade is completed on the second weekend.

Q: How do I know what instance my org is on?
Log in to your Trialforce Source Org and look at the URL at the top of the page, which specifies the instance in the URL. For example:

Q: Where can I go for further information on the release?
Information regarding the upgrade to the new release will be posted at

For more partner-specific information regarding the release, including the Release Notes and webinars, please visit the Releases for Partners page on the partner portal.

If you have any questions, please log a case via Partnerforce, our partner portal.

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