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How to share Content files with other libraries

Knowledge Article Number 000181415
Description How to share an existing Content document so it is accessible from more than one library.
To share a document to an additional library, first get the ID of the document you want to share, either from the URL of the document, or from the  Contentdocument object via Dataloader. These IDs will start with 069.

Similarly , get the ID of the Library (workspace) you want to share the document to.
This can be found in the URL of the opened Library page. These IDs will start with 058.

Create a .csv file with a column for the Document IDs and a column for the target Library IDs.
All you need to provide is the contentdocument (069) id and the new workspace (058) id.
Insert into the Library Document (ContentWorkspaceDoc) object with DataLoader.

The Content document should now be accessible from both libraries.

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