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Incorrect characters in knowledge article translation export's .csv file

Knowledge Article Number 000181500
Description Foreign characters are displayed incorrectly when opening the Knowledge translation export file in MS Excel.
Resolution When exporting an article for translation, be sure that you are selecting the appropriate file encoding.  It is recommended to use UTF-8 encoding when exporting articles containing foreign characters.

Characters may be displayed incorrectly upon opening your export's .csv due to Microsoft Excel misinterpreting the file's encoding.

This can be resolved by manually saving the CSV (Comma delimited) file's encoding as UTF-8 via Notepad.

1. Right click the affected .csv | Select Open with | Notepad.
2. Once the .csv is open in Notepad choose File | Save as... | Select UTF-8 for Encoding: | Save.
3. Re-open the file in Excel to ensure that the characters are displaying correctly.


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