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Buddy Media - ConversationBuddy - Liking and Unliking Posts

Knowledge Article Number 000181507
Description Can I  "Iike "a Facebook post in ConversationBuddy?
Resolution In order to "like" or "unlike" a post in a ConversationBuddy column, you must have publishing permission for that page. If you have publishing permission, you can  "like" posts on your brand's Fan Page as your Fan Page. You cannot  "like" a post as another page or your personal Facebook account. 

To "like" or "unlike" a Facebook post

  1. Go to ConversationBuddy in your Buddy Media channel.
  2. Locate the post you want to 'like' or 'unlike' in the ConversationBuddy column.
  • Click Like at the bottom of the post to "like" it.
  • Click Unlike to remove a "like" your page has made.  

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