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Buddy Media - Analytics - Exporting Form Builder submissions

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Steps to export ProfileBuddy Form Builder sapplet submissions through the Analytics tool. 


To export submissions made to the Form Builder sapplet


1. Select Analytics in your Buddy Media Channel.
2. Under Networks on the left sidebar,  click Facebook to expand the list of analytics options.
3. Click Tab Engagement.
4. Select the Facebook Page by clicking on the grey cog at the top of the Tab Engagement section.
​The current Facebook Page that is selected will be displayed next to the grey cog. If the Tab Engagement analytics for all Facebook Pages is currently displayed, All Facebook Profiles will be listed next to the grey cog. You may search for Facebook Pages by client or use the search bar in the top right to locate a specific Facebook Page in the window that opens. 

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5. Click on the Tab name  the Tabs section.
6. Click on the Tab version (example: Global Global) that contains the Form Builder sapplet in the Tab Version section.
7. Click Form Builder in the list of available Sapplets for the Tab version.
8. Click Export in the top right corner. 
9. Select one of the Form Submission options to export the Form Builder sapplet submissions in either CSV or TSV:
  • All Time
  • Selected Range
Buddy Media - Profile Buddy - Exporting Form Builder
Selected Range prompts you to select a  range or a custom range for your export. Select the range or enter your custom date range. Click Save

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10. The direct download export will begin. 


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