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Buddy Media - Profile Buddy - Is there a Sapplet that allows hosting of images?

Knowledge Article Number 000181566
Description A summary of image-oriented sapplets.
Resolution The Photo Gallery and Images sapplets were designed expressly to host and display images. In both of these sapplets, you can upload  images for display on your tab layout, with additional options for showing thumbnails, titles, descriptions, links, and other customizations. 

Many other sapplets also have image support built-in. The Product Gallery sapplet, for example, displays a series of tabbed item descriptions and images. The About Us sapplet is a container for basic business information such as hours and location, but also can show a logo or picture. 

Many 'description'-style sapplet fields support HTML. This flexibility provides for deeper customization, by allowing images to be displayed in-line almost anywhere in a tab layout. To take advantage of this, images can be hosted in the suite's Asset Library, and referenced with the appropriate HTML tags as necessary.

For step-by-step instructions on configuring ProfileBuddy sapplets, please see the ProfileBuddy User Guide on the ProfileBuddy Quick Start.

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