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Buddy Media - ProfileBuddy - Pass Form Builder Submissions to an External Server

Knowledge Article Number 000181597
Description By default, Form Builder sapplets store submissions on ProfileBuddy's tab servers. Submission data can be sent to an external location on the web in addition to, or instead of, saving them to the suite. 

Using Advanced Submit to Pass Form Builder Submissions to an External Server

The form builder sapplet can be set to pass submissions to an external server in addition to or instead of saving them in the Buddy Media Suite.

1. Visit the Settings area of your Form Builder sapplet.
2. Expand the Advanced Submit Methods section.
3. Check Use Advanced Submit.
4. Enter a submission endpoint in the Submit URL field:  
Form builder submissions will be sent to the Submit URL as an HTTP GET requests. To use HTTP POST instead, check Submit Using Post

By default, submissions will be saved on ProfileBuddy's servers, and made available in Analytics. To prevent submissions from being saved in ProfileBuddy, check Bypass Platform Server. Submissions will then only be sent to the Submit URL.
Buddy Media - Analytics - Form Builder Submission Settings

5. Click Save.

For information about exporting form builder submissions, click here.

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