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How do I have my account reactivated?

Knowledge Article Number 000181618

When your user account has been deactivated you will find that a Salesforce support representative handling your case has redirected you towards the System Administrator for your company. This is done as it is the System Administrators that have the ability to reactivate accounts. 


Resolution The representative working on your case will send an email to 3 of the System Administrators on your behalf. This email will include your basic contact information of Your Name, Email Address and Phone Number and a description of your issue. 

The Representative will ask you for permission to close your case during your call. The Representative will not close your case until after sending the following email to the System Administrators for your company:


We received a support request from a user in your Salesforce org, {!Contact.Name}, who appears to have difficulty accessing their account. 

As a Salesforce Administrator you have the ability to reactivate the user's account  If you determine that this user should have access to your Salesforce org we ask for your help to restore their access. Here is their contact information and request: 


Lastly if using Single Sign-On (SSO) you may wish to consider using the "Customer Error URL" option found under the Single Sign-On Settings found within your org. 

Thank you for choosing Salesforce. 

{!Case.OwnerFullName} Support


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